Biological observations on Matsucoccus josephi (Hemiptera: Matsucoccidae) in Turkey

Selma Ülgentürk, Hasan Sungur Civelek, Meral Fent


Observations on the biology of Matsucoccus josephi Bodenheimer & Harpaz (Hemiptera: Matsucoccidae) were made at four natural red pine (Pinus brutia Tenore, Pinaceae) forestry of Antalya (1), Aydın (1) and Muğla (2) in the years 2009-2010. Samples branches of red pine were collected twice during March - November, once in winter months. In addition pheromone traps were used to monitor male scale insect and predators. All stages of M. josephi were counted. Some individuals were preserved into 70 % ethyl alcohol for the identification of life-stages. Nymphs and adults predator that feed on M. josephi, were reared into jars with their host. As results, M. josephi is overwintered second stage (cyst) under the bark of pine trees and has 4 generations (at least). Elatophilus hebraicus Pericart (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) was common and effective predator in Turkey.

Parole chiave

Pinus brutia; Mediterranean; Predator; Elatophilus pachycnemis; Pine bast scale; Turkey

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