Nuove segnalazioni di Nottuidi (Lepidoptera) per l’Italia meridionale

Paolo Parezan, Stefano Scalercio


NEW RECORDS OF NOCTUID MOTHS IN SOUTHERN ITALY (LEPIDOPTERA) (Contribution to the knowledge of Lepidoptera in southern Italy. XIX)

75 species are reported in the present paper, 11 of wich are new for southern Italy. Among them, one (Aletia (Aletia) languida) is new for Italian fauna, two (Parascotia nisseni, Metachrostis velocior) are new for continental Italy, two (Paradrina fuscicornis, Gortina borelii lunata) are new for central-southern Italy and six (Tathorhynchus exsiccata, Luperina samnii, Archanara geminipuncta, Hecatera corsica weissi, Leucania comma, Tholera cespitis) are new for southern Italy.

Moreover 11 species were collected for the first time in Campania, 12 in Apulia, 15 in Basilicata and 45 in Calabria.

Key words: Macrolepidoptera, new reports, faunistic.

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