TAXONOMIC ATLAS of the postabdominal structures SARCOPHAGIDAE (Insecta, Diptera) Vol. 1

Andy Z. Lehrer


The Taxonomic Atlas is the first graphic synthesis of his lifelong researches on the male postabdominal structures of the Sarcophagidae family. Using the microscopic analysis of organs with great importance in preserving and perpetuating the species, the author proves the superiority of their taxonomic value as compared to the other usual identification somatic characters. By the morphological details, the Atlas brings into stronger relief the symbols of taxons’ systematic subordination, which implicitly establish the categories and ranks of a rational phylogenetic system.

The Taxonomic Atlas is the first attempt of its kind in the dipterologic literature, with its presentation of 419 species, belonging to 153 genera. Out of these 228 species and 60 genera had been previously established by the author himself.

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