Aldo Manuzio e gli umanisti veneti

Claudio Bevegni


In his feverish activity as a publisher in Venice, Aldo Manuzio kept in touch with humanists and scholars from all over Europe, most of whom were also his collaborators: Erasmus of Rotterdam stands out above all. Many of these humanists, of course, were natives of Veneto, particularly of Venice, such as Pietro Bembo, Andrea Navagero and Marino Sanudo. This paper reviews the most important Venetian humanists with whom Aldo was in contact: philologists who helped him in the publication of his editions, scholars who lent him their manuscripts, dedicatees of his Greek and Latin editions or even just simple friends, animated by the same ideals as Aldo.

Parole chiave

Aldus Manutius; Venice and Veneto; print art; Humanism

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