Giuseppina Pellizzari: enhancing coccidiology by enhancing coccidiologists

Francesco Porcelli, Agatino Russo


Our time with Giuseppina started during the XIV (1985) National Entomology Congress in Palermo, Giuseppina and Tino shared a contribution on Italian Coccoidea Fauna with Salvatore Marotta and Antonio Tranfaglia.

Later, the 6th ISSIS in Krakow (1990) was the first Tino’s opportunity to join the international community of scale insect students. During the meeting, Giuseppina introduced Tino to other colleagues despite his partial experience in the topic and the difficulties in English (Tino studied mealybugs, mostly). That was the opportunity for Giuseppina and Tino to build a robust and fruitful collaboration on scale insect fauna and zoogeography.

While attending the ISSIS-VII in Israel (1994) ARO Volcani Center at Bet Dagan (12-17 June, fig. 1) Francesco met the first time the coccidologists guild.

Giuseppina immediately immersed Francesco into the group. At that time, Giuseppina had a firm position as a professor, but she has been suggestingon the topic and situations very friendly, despite the fact that we have just met.

That was the start of a human and scientific friendship, still growing. Working together on papers, and visiting each other we were aware of Giuseppina studies on Scale Insects and the other many scientific interests of Giuseppina.

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