A proposito di una varia lectio in Eur. Arch. fr. 237.3 Kn.

Sabina Castellaneta


Within Euripides’ rich reflection on the connection between πόνος and κλέος, there is no doubt that in fr. 237.3 Kn. εὐδοξίαν fits the context, while the same cannot be said for the varia lectio εὐανδρίαν. In light of the absence of strong arguments which would support the latter reading, it seems preferable to choose the former, since it is the one which makes the passage definitely intelligible.

Parole chiave

Euripides; Archelaos; Stobaeus’ Anthology; εὐδοξία; εὐανδρία.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15162/2465-0951/1729


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