La restaurazione repubblicana di Augusto tra realtà e propaganda: riflessioni sulla politica a tutela della famiglia

Francesca Rohr Vio


The paper studies the intervention carried out by Augustus during his principate to defend the family and the aristocratic ethos. For this purpose, the princeps submitted for approval an articulate legislative program and carried out multiple actions to affect the mentality of the Roman citizens. Historiography contributed to this second strategy: it intervened in the legends of the Royal Age and of the beginning of the Republic, and it highlighted episodes and personalities that constituted models for the public and private life of the Roman citizens and legitimized Augustus’ actions, constituting authoritative precedents for them. Therefore, the legend, established over a long period, ensured that Augustus' government, which was functional to the renewal of the ruling class, was, on the contrary, a restoration of the ancient practices.

Parole chiave

Augustus; family legislation; legend; ruling class; politics.

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