L’impatto delle tecnologie digitali nella definizione dell’identità dell’adolescente: una riflessione filosofica

Alessandra Modugno


This paper aims to explore the relationship between digital communication and the development of teenagers’ identity, focusing on the contribution that philosophy may make to this issue. Digital technologies and the Net have transformed the relational categories of both ‘time’ and ‘space’; therefore, communication has changed beyond our awareness of the devices used to communicate. In particular, young people (i.e. digital natives) find it difficult not to rely on social networks or digital devices (whose two key features are speed and fragmentation) to share information or send messages, thus interacting without ever meeting each other. This framework has contaminated also the learning environment. There is an open debate between those who foster the use of technology because they think it improves students’ creativity and students’ involvement, and those who warn about the danger of using exclusively technological devices and methods, which could prevent the critical thinking needed to approach the real world holistically. Philosophical thinking can help carry out an anthropological review of these issues; in fact, philosophy ‘reads’ the reality by reconnecting it with its founding principles. Therefore, it is possible to define how communication and relationships should be in order to stand out as genuine and human. In particular, it is essential to focus on identity, which is the core of adolescence, and investigate the needs concerning identity and relational structure of human beings. It follows that philosophical experience in learning is a chance to change our perception of properties and values which may be considered outdated. However, it is even more important to gain wisdom and knowledge worthy of our historical period and of human needs.

Parole chiave

communication; digital device; identity; philosophy’s teaching; relationship

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15162/2704-8659/1123


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