Storie in divenire. Pratiche di interazione efficace sulla piattaforma Instragram

Federica Arenare


This research aims to make the sense effect generated by observing some content shared through Instagram Stories intelligible, as well as to investigate the phenomenon of the so-called ‘influencer’. Starting from some case studies, we bring out the effectiveness of the text (Marsciani 2017) and reflect on the different roles that these figures can play, as well as on the interactions that can be established within the community. Through an ethno- and socio-semiotic approach to observation and interpretation, some reconsiderations of the actors involved in the practices of influencer-platform-community interactions have emerged. This activates a process of mutual realization and allows influencers to create networks of subjects that cooperate for mutual adjustment (Landowski 2005) through Instagram Stories. We also want to develop an additional layer of analysis by focusing on the emerging phenomenon of divulgers. Starting from scientists and science communicators, such as Dario Bressanini (@dario.bressanini) and Beatrice Mautino (@divagatrice), we want to investigate how these figures can lead to a subversion of social networking services (SNS), which are used to create intermediate projects. This allows a mainstream and very heterogeneous audience to access contents that are normally available only to experts and niche audiences

Parole chiave

semiotic; user interface; social media; online information; science communication

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