Interactive fiction in cinematic virtual reality: an interactive and immersive narrative (text)

Maria Cecilia Reyes


In its struggle to gain mass adoption, Virtual Reality (VR) industry and independent creators are exploring various types of content that may attract audiences. This paper presents a potential feature content for VR: Interactive Fiction in cinematic Virtual reality (IFcVR), a media and narrative hybrid resulting from the encounter between Interactive Fiction (IF), hypertextual fiction stories or hyperfiction, and cinematic Virtual Reality (cVR), that is the use of 360° videos. This hybridization of art and media creates immersive and interactive fiction films, in which the ‘interactor’ is placed within the scenic space and has the agency to change the course of the story. In the light of a new narrative and media product, the question of whether this can be considered a narrative text or not arises. This paper sheds some light on IFcVR and its narrative features according to Seymour Chatman’s structuralist model of narrative text, as well as its digital and interactive nature according to current research on the field of interactive narratives. The aim is to highlight the potential of IFcVR to become an entertainment content for the VR public.

Parole chiave

Cinematic Virtual Reality; Interactive Digital Narratives; Interactive Fiction; Interactive Narrative Text

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