Inventaire des pratiques et des gestes professionnels post-pandémie: quel réinvestissement des usages mobilisés lors de la crise de la Covid-19 dans les universités italiennes?

Yannick Hamon


An inventory of post-pandemic professional practices and gestures: what reinvestment of the uses mobilized during the Covid19 crisis in Italian universities?
The emergency educational continuity introduced by Italian universities to compensate for the impossibility of providing face-to-face courses in 2020 and 2021 has led to the emergence of new practices, themselves induced by the use of a wide range of digital devices, from LMS (Learning Management System) platforms such as Moodle to videoconferencing tools and synchronous course recording and sharing. This need to adapt practices to health contingencies inevitably raises questions (Zhao 2021; Koecher and Getliffe 2021) and calls into question concepts such as the pedagogical relationship or presence (Croze 2021).
In most cases, teachers (researchers, lecturers, part-time teachers) have been asked to vary the type of tasks and resources offered to students and to introduce teaching methods that encourage active and stimulating learning. Faced with this situation, and in a context of distance or blended learning for which most teachers were not trained, a makeshift, improvised creativity was put in place, sometimes with very good results.
After first reviewing the problems and issues involved in the distanced teaching-learning situation, we will present the questionnaire we designed to take stock of post-Covid practices at university. We will then analyse the data collected and attempt to draw up a partial picture of the feelings, practices and digital tools used by practitioners during Covid and the extent to which these tools were reinvested after the pandemic.

Parole chiave

Educational continuity; Covid19; distance learning; digital; ICT teaching and learning; practices

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